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Become a Mentor

Being  a mentor goes far beyond the reward of 'giving back'. There are a huge range of benefits that mentors gain from the experience:


  • Increased self-confidence

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Leadership skill development

  • Art of delivering feedback

  • Art of asking questions

  • Becoming a good listener

  • Exposure to new perspectives

  • Grow your global network

  •  Increased job satisfaction

  •  Paying it forward

  •  Learning from someone else


Mentors continually learn new things and challenge themselves. Are you ready to expand your mentoring skills in areas of becoming: 


  • A good listener/sounding board Flexible

  • Understanding diversity of perspectives

  • Gain new knowledge

  • Non-judgmental

  • Giving constructive feedback

  • Collaborative

  • Embracing celebration

  • Truthfulness

  • Creating psychological safety

  • Empathic

Become a Mentee


There are many benefits of having a mentor, you will grow in many areas:

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Develop strong communication skills

  • Grow your network around the globe 

  • Exposure to new and different perspectives

  • Develope self-reflection skills

  • Improve goal-setting skills

  • Learn from other's experiences

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OakTree Mentoring

A mentee should always be seeking to develop their skills, continually learn new things, and challenging themselves. Are you ready to grow as a mentee by being:

•    A driver of the relationship

•    Courageous

•    Clear about your goals

•    Viewing feedback as a gift

•    Prepared to succeed

•    Have realistic expectations

•    Show gratitude

Bespoke Healthcare Organisation Program


Are you a clinic, hospital, care company, a small business employing nurses, wishing to develop, grow and support your teams?

Contact us, we will design a bespoke mentorship program for you and your teams, using our virtual program to meet your organisations needs in such areas as:

  • Boosting productivity 

  • Boosting employee engagement 

  • Boosting retention  

  • Reducing burnout  

  • Improving relationships  

  • Improving KPIs

  • Impacting patient satisfaction 

OakTree Mentor
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Nominate a mentee

Do you know a nurse or midwife you would recommend as a mentee to our International Program?

Nominate a mentor

Do you know a nurse or midwife you would recommend as a mentor to our International Program?

Thank You!


We appreciate you support for nurses and midwives around the world.

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