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Annual Membership

Your annual membership welcomes you into the OakTree Mentoring community, giving you:

  • A structured mentorship program 

  • A dedicated program manager supporting your journey 

  • Matching you with an international mentor or mentee (or both) 

  •  Access to learning resources, webinars and mentorship tools 

  • Access to a growing community around the globe 

  • An opportunity to achieve your goals, finding new direction and perspectives

  • An opportunity to give back internationally, enhancing the profession 

  • A platform where you will be seen, valued and heard

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Cathy Cribben-Pearse

Introduction to OakTree Mentorship


Sign up now or get in touch for more information!
(**Membership subscription is 550 AED (UAE currency) which is approximetly $150 US Dollars.

(Please check currency converter for current Exchange rates)

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