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OakTree Mentoring supporting your organisation!

Is your healthcare organisation looking to:

  • Boost productivity 

  • Boost employee engagement 

  • Boost retention

  • Reduce burnout

  • Improve relationships

  • Improve KPIs

  • Impact patient satisfaction

Mentoring programs have been proven to work in the corporate world, with over 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies having mentorship programs in their organizations.

medicine staff

Let's support your organization with

The program is designed to support your organisation through: 

  • A formal mentorship program 

  • A specialised database matching mentors and mentees  

  • Coaching on mentorship skills  

  • Driving individualised goals 

  • Organisation driving

  • An opportunity to be matched with a mentor outside the organisation  

  • Peer-to-peer co-hort mentorship, with an international group  

Promote a culture of mentorship, professional development, teamwork, and succession planning for your organization, while retaining high-quality professionals and  Organisation with recruitment and orientation.


Evaluation of the program by mentees has indicated a high level of satisfaction and a high rate of goal achievement during their mentoring relationships.

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Program Objectives


To foster working relationships


To promote competence and confidence in the mentee/mentor


To promote professional development


Increase retention and job satisfaction


To build a culture that supports mentorship


To promote Organisational succession planning

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