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Programme Manager

OakTree program manager will be available to support members before and during the process

The Program Manager


OakTree's Program Manager will begin with the end in mind:

  • The program manager is your go-to person

  • Driving individual and organisational goals

  • Providing tools and resources relating to mentorship

  • Running regular webinars, connecting the community

  • Supporting mentors and mentees


Matching Priorities


The Programme Manager will oversee the matching priorities:

  • Utilise customised software, enabling the matching process

  • Provide consistent support, ensuring mentors and mentees are comfortable in their role(s) and confident in the overall benefits of mentorship

  •  Gather feedback throughout the programme

  •  Respond to any opportunities presented by the mentors or mentees

  •  Oversee the running of the programme


OakTree's Program Manager believes:

  • Some mentees or mentors may need some extra guidance through the process, especially if it is their first mentorship experience

  • In being available to answer questions and offer resources

  • In building relationships, following up with participants throughout the programme

  • In check-ins, whether informally or using surveys, responding to the feedback, tailoring the experience to the individual or organisation

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