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What is mentorship?

It's your time to give back, you are now at a stage in your career, more established, great experience, a willingness to share making a difference in the life of a fellow nurse or midwife. OakTree mentorship will support you in inspiring and guiding others, imparting your knowledge whilst guiding the mentee in avoiding some of the pitfalls you may have had along the way. As a mentor, you can be a sounding board, a guide, a positive role model for your mentee to learn.

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Mentorship mutual relationship! At OakTree Mentorship we are here to support you build this mutual relationship, supporting your growth, your learning and your experience though the power of connection, training, evidence-based tools, with coaching techniques, all enhancing how you see and apply your potential in the world.      

What makes a good mentor?
At OakTree mentorship we value developing you as a mentor. We will support your training, developing the skills you require to be an effective and competent international mentor. We have tools, resources and tip-bits to support you develop in the fundamentals of developing as an incredible mentor.

What qualifications do I need to be a mentor?
OakTree mentorship asks that you hold an active nursing or midwifery licence with a minimum of 5 years' experience. Your experience can be in any area of the profession; hospitals, clinics, a business owner, a community nurse/midwife, clinical informatics, research, travel nursing, agency nursing and advance practice, GP nursing, school nursing and many more. We value hearing from all nurses and midwives, who bring their own unique experience to the  program. 

The art of listen.

One key communication skill is the art of listening, active listening, a skill that we highly value at OakTree mentorship. We will give you the support, tools and training on how to enhance your listening techniques.

Offer constructive feedback.

While you don’t want to judge or offend your mentee, you shouldn’t filter your feedback to avoid hurting them, either. OakTree mentorship will support you in how to deliver feedback in a constructive manger, building the mentees confidence.

Developing your emotional intelligence.

OakTree mentorship will support you understating the basics of emotional intelligence. Giving you the skills to relate to your mentee, understanding their perspective and feelings, with a focus on confidence building, achieving overall goals and developing new self-awareness.

Asking powerful questions

As a mentor you help your mentee learn their role, not to do it for them, bringing new perspectives by asking powerful questions. One of the most important skills the mentee needs to develop, with your guidance, is the ability to think on the spot with competing demands and high pressure. OakTree runs a module on the skill of asking powerful question, sharing hundreds of questions you can use in achieving, new perspective and driving growth.   

Building Trust


If you believe in your mentees, and you make that clear to them by allowing them control, they will have much more faith in both you and themselves. OakTree mentorship will set you up, to set your mentee on the right path, show them multiple ways of handling difficult situations. Your mentees will make their own mistakes; however, they can learn valuable lessons from learning from your personal experiences this is one tool which is hugely beneficial in building trust.

What is a mentee?


What is a mentee?

A mentee is a person who receives advice, training, guidance from a more experienced or skilled person known as a mentor, in a structured relationship. A mentee will have gaols they want to achieve, with the support of a mentor. OakTree mentorship will provide you, the mentee, with training on the expectations of being a mentee and the key skills required to be successful.

What qualifications do I need to be a mentee?

At OakTree we ask that you hold an active nursing/midwifery licence, have experience in any area of the profession, hospital, clinics, be a business owner, a community nurse/midwife, clinical informatics, research, travel nursing, agency nursing and more. OakTree values hearing from all nurses, who bring their own unique experience to the program. We are a community of staff nurses to CNO’s, ANP’s to business owners, travel nurses to school nurses and more..... We all need a mentor!

Why become a mentee?

The nurses and midwives in the OakTree Mentorship program have all joined for different reasons. We will support you in identifying why you want to become a mentee, ensuring that your expectations about the partnership are realistic, manageable, achievable and beneficial to you. Professional development is in addition to your day job and as a support to you in achieving different aspirations in your career, we will support you in becoming the best version of you.

The reasons for becoming a mentee might include:

 A person with a question.

To become even better at what you do

A person

Build your confidence driving your performance and enjoyment


Developing career goals to have your mentor support you growing your knowledge, skills, experience in a specific area


Grow your international professional network


Become curious and learn about areas of work that are different from your own

What makes a good mentee?



Drive the relationship

Mentees drive the mentorship relationship and at OakTree we ask that you be proactive, be engaged, have fun, be ready for growth and enjoy the journey. It's understandable if at first driving the relationship feels uncomfortable, we have developed a robust program to support you through the process. Mentors will come trained giving you the tools, guidance, support and encouragement. As a mentee on the program, you will become confident in taking charge of your learning, asking questions, receiving feedback and actively participating in the conversations to become an effective mentee, driving the relationship.      

Be courageous in asking questions

An effective mentee is a courageous mentee. As a mentee you will ask questions even if the answers may seem obvious, mentors will openly give feedback. Mentees will grow comfortable understanding that setbacks are learning opportunities and be willing to stand in the discomfort of growth even when doing so is challenging. Leaving your comfort zone is often where the real work and in turn growth happens

Be clear about the ask.

Mentees describe the reasons for their growth with OakTree mentorship is due to having a clear plan on what they want while on the program. We will support mentees on being specific about their goals and articulate how mentors can help them the most. Even if mentees are not yet clear on their goals or asks, they should be clear that they are unclear, this allows for brainstorming opportunities with their mentors.    

View feedback as a gift.

At OakTree will support mentees to become more comfortable with receiving and giving feedback. Feedback requires people to manage their self awareness, be open and always assume their mentor has their best intentions and recognizing that feedback is a gift. We will support the mentees who struggle to accept certain types of feedback, providing you with tools they will find helpful in how they like to receive and give feedback.

Show gratitude.


At OakTree we always highlight and encourage the need for giving thanks, although it's not formally required, we will indeed go through the benefits in building trust, the powerful impact of giving and receiving gratitude whilst being in this nurturing relationship. At the end of the program, we have many opportunities for you to formally recognise your mentor for their commitment and the impact they have had on you.

Coaching and Mentoring


This program is aimed at combining the benefits of coaching and mentorship under one umbrella. A combination of both will give a mentorship program the ultimate flexibility in addressing the needs of both mentors and mentees. Coaching and mentoring are aimed at achieving a similar result - professional or personal growth of the client, but methods for achieving goals differ.

A Mentor is a person who has achieved success in his field and now helps and shares his experience with the client, passes skills, guides by providing direct assistance to the client. The coach does not give advice but supports the client to find their own answers to their challenges. Coaches need not have first-hand experience of the cache’s line of work. The coach can be an independent external professional with expertise in coaching. Mentoring is customarily a planned pairing of a more skilled or experienced person (usually in the same field of work) with a less experienced person.

OakTree Mentorship will intwine the skills of coaching into the programme, upskilling the mentors and mentees to preform, engage, support, guide and be at their full potential.

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