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Organisational Mentorship Programs

“Fortunate to be part of the initial group and development of the program”.

Lizzy, Australia

“The advice and guidance from colleagues internationally who can support you on your professional journey is invaluable”

Francis, Philippines

“Oaktree is a program where nurses support, lead and follow other nurses throughout their professional journey”

Michelle USA

“OakTree Mentoring came to me as a key to unlocking the potential in assisting others as well as being assisted. The founder, Cathy is passionate, gifted, professional, and dedicated to the mandate. Her sense of organization and dedication was way beyond my expectations. She has been an inspiration to me”

Blessing, Turks ans Caicos Islands.

“To know I am part of a collective with the same values & passion to be apart of positive transformation”

Claudia, Portugal

“My mentors eagerness to invest in me has been inspiring”.

Lucie, Switzerland

“The drive & passion to be part of a movement that will help transform the nursing profession. This forward momentum will serve as a platform to build in positive change, attracting people into a meaningful profession where they are valued & supported”

Mary, India

“Everything just flows seamlessly in the right direction”

Mary, India

“The solution to peoples’ challenges is often somewhere in their heads, you just need to help them find it.”

Juliette, Ireland

“I wish something like OakTree had been available for me as a Junior Nurse Manager years ago. If my experiences can support another nurse manager to achieve their goals, this will be so rewarding for me”.

Sinead, UAE

“Helping nurses/midwivesrealise there potential personally & professionally in order to future proof the profession. We are stronger together guiding & building”.

Gloria, Ghana

“One skill the stands between us and success is the ability to ask for the things we need to succeed, OakTree makes this possible”.

Samer, Lebanon

“I loved the idea of having a platform of like minded people supporting each other supporting each other and help nursing evolve”

James, UK

“Incredibly well organised and well managed, Cathy's positivity and enthusiasm is contagious”

Kim, New Zealand

“Being able to share my experiences with someone else who can use that to guide them in their own journey”.

Abdullaziz Saudia Arabia

“OakTree supports me to help individuals realise there value & potential & see the meaning they bring to the every day”

Helya, UK

“As professionals, networking and seeking help are part of growing, OakTree Mentoring is a viable and vibrant platform for that”

Gia, Argentina

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