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The Solution


In collaboration with The Art Of Mentoring, we support you with:

  • A dedicated full-time program manager

  • Software successfully matching mentors with mentees

  • Using weighted questionnaires, driving an algorithm matching pairs


OakTree uses IT software, replacing what was once a manual process. The software is designed to support the growth of the OakTree mentorship community.


The software is part of a database, a source of evidence-based documents and resources designed specifically to promote the mentorship journey.

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Following a member's registration into OakTree Mentorship program, they will complete their questionnaire, the software will:

Auto-matching - The software cultivates the pairs using an algorithm

An automated message is sent to the mentor and mentee to notify them of their match and how to get started

The matches are reviewed and approved by the program manager

The pair are supported through the program with regular resources been sent to them, calls and webinars with the program managers and access to the database 

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