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International Mentorship program

OakTree ‘International Nursing & Midwifery Mentorship Programme’. Designed for nurses and midwives around the world, who wish to connect with colleagues internationally, through a formal, online mentorship programme.


A 12 months online programme


Mentors and mentees are matched using our specialist database

Video calls Zoom

Mentorship calls are a minimum of one hour once a month using Zoom

Mentorship tools

Mentorship tools and techniques are provided by OakTree


Regular webinars with your colleagues from around the globe

Building connection, learning whilst achieve your goals

Building connection, learning whilst achieve your goals.


Whether you’re a new nurse or have years of experience, a mentoring relationship can shape your career and even change your life. Mentorship is a relationship between two people to support personal or professional development, based on mutual respect, trust, and integrity.

Together, we are creating a global mentorship community, bringing inspiration, a sense of purpose, connection, nourishment, empowerment, and motivation into the profession, ensuring a higher quality of care for ourselves and, in turn, our patients.

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