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An International Community


OakTree Mentoring is an online international virtual mentorship program. We support individual nurses and midwives, as well as healthcare organisations. A growing program, with hundreds of nurses and midwives across 50+ countries around the world, with a vision of having members from every country, building this community of connection.

Mentors and Mentees are here to scale the global impact of supporting and developing other nurses and midwives around the world. This is key in the OakTree Mentoring movement, providing support, assessment, trust, leadership, and much more to the mentees, growing and strengthening relationships to drive quality outcomes in healthcare.

We want our mentors to serve as advocates for the profession, inspiring the youth to seek out careers in healthcare with a focus on nursing and midwifery. We want our mentors to be the role models of positive influence, highlighting the modern face of nursing, moving away from the traditional image of the nurse.

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Key areas of focus

◉  Advancing the quality of mentorship across the globe with a focus on:

           Building capability
           Building capacity
           Sharing experiences
           Gaining new perspectives
           Sharing evidence-based practices

◉ Highlighting the modern face of the profession and how the profession has advanced

◉ Strengthening emotional intelligence and communication skills

◉ Promoting diversity and inclusion internationally


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