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Mentoring Award

We have come together, building a community, bringing our vast experience and expertise in real people development, with a growth mindset and confidence-building. Using mentorship and coaching as a strategy, we aim to empower a global community built on "the strength of oneness".

Winner EMCC 2022

Thought Leadership and Innovation


This is a stimulating story of business success. It sounds like you have accomplished a lot compared to competitors. This is a great initiative to support front line workers over a platform and provide mentoring especially on personal basis. much needed especially after covid. Nurses are first responders and need mentorship and support more than anyone else. OakTree Mentoring has done great in initiating such a mentorship program to help nurses be at their best mentally when dealing with patients. I was impressed by this story, it was an inspiring and influential one. This project is growing and growing more and more with time. We as a society need such creative ideas. With all my respect and appreciation, the Judges at Stevie Awards MENA.

Winner 2023 Middle East & North Africa
Cathy Cribben-Pearse
Global Healthcare Expert
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